SONY Computer Science Labs, Ltd

The Sony Computer Science Laboratory in Paris engages in fundamental research in cutting edge areas of science that are relevant for pushing the state of the art in computing. It is a sister laboratory of the Sony Computer Science Laboratories in Tokyo and directed by Dr. François Pachet.

The Music team at Sony Computer Science Laboratory Paris was set up in 1997 by François Pachet.

The Music Team is concerned with two main areas: the multiple facets of interaction in music, and the challenges of robust music description.

Since its creation, the team developed several pioneering technologies (constraint-based spatialization, intelligent music scheduling using metadata) and award winning systems (MusicSpace, PathBuilder, The Continuator for Interactive Music Improvisation, VirtualBand, Virtuoso).

This work leads to new modes of access to music, interaction with sound, and human interaction. Our systems are expanding towards a new generation of tools, the Flow Machines, whose aim is to abstract "style" from concrete corpora (text, music, etc.), and turn it into a malleable substance that acts as a texture. Applications range from music composition to text or drawing generation. Technically, these systems raise issues in machine-learning (learning style, extracting features), combinatorial optimization (fitting styles to arbitrary constraints) and knowledge representation.

François Pachet Principal Investigator
Emmanuel Deruty Assistant Researcher
Fiammetta Ghedini Assistant Researcher